The key to your success lies in the quality of your Growth Hack Strategy

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The fuss around the growth hacking concept these days is unbelievable. Every entrepreneur and startup is in a hurry and in need of immediate results in terms of social media growth. Growth hacking is not only about growing. It’s a much broader concept that involves research, strategy, testing, implementation, and measure. All of the basic marketing concepts are used and implemented in this process.

First, let’s start by defining growth hacking.

Growth hacking is a process of experimentation across marketing channel and product development to identify the most effective and efficient way to grow your business.

The key word here – experimentation!

That’s right. You must experiment and constantly try new things until you find out what really works for your business. Which tactic increases your follower base, what drives traffic to your website and which content increases your engagement? Answer these questions first!

Until you find out what in reality works for your business you cannot expect growth. Growth does not happen overnight – remember that. After you successfully complete the experimentation process, it’s time for hard work. It’s time for applying the tactics that you know will work! For instance, copying followers of a list of influencers you carefully select and now that will have an impact on your conversion rate later. Always double check that the tactics you are applying will result in reliable audience, growth, and engagement. Your business needs that! It needs people who will be really interested in buying your product or service.

In order to launch your marketing mind in the growth hacking universe, you must now the growth hacking structure and basic marketing concepts.

As a growth hacker, you must implement the two levels of marketing strategy which are campaigns and tactics.

A campaign is a coordinated series of tactics that are associated with some specific initiative. At the campaign level of strategic thinking, you should think about the objective of the marketing campaign and the messages that you want to take out to the audience.

A tactic is a single mechanism that is designed to achieve the goal of the campaign.

Can you see how this will help you with the experimentation phase? You will define few campaigns, set goals and apply tactics to achieve them and finally find out what really works for your business.

But enough about the philosophy of growth hacking! We have also prepared a list of some useful tools you can use for your growth hacking.

There are few tools out there you can use for growing your follower base. For instance, Crowdfire.. It allows you to copy influencers followers, follow people based on hashtags and other useful features. It’s really a great way to find a relevant audience on Twitter.

For discovering influencers in your industry, you can use  Klear. The free version allows you to filter influencers based on location for Instagram and Twitter.

These are just part of the tools we use for our clients and noticing tremendous results over a certain period of time.

If you are starting with growth hacking any educational piece of article will be out of great help for you. I have prepared a list of people, successful growth hackers you can follow in order to stay up to date with the growth hacking concepts and community. Follow these amazing influencers:

  1. Sean Ellis

The godfather of growth hacking! He invented the term! Sean even is chief executive officer at GrowthHackers a portal that has a lot of valuable information.

  1. Everette Taylor

Amazing advice about growth hacking! He is the vice president of Skurt

  1. Alex Osterwalder

Alex is the one that can help any startup or entrepreneur with a valuable marketing advice!

  1. Eric Ries

The creator of the Lean Startup methodology and startup guru advisor. He is amazing!

  1. Neil Patel

The one and only Neil Patel. He is the most famous marketing guru and internet marketing specialist. His writing style is entertaining and educational at the same time. Check out his KISSmetrics blog for more info.

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