Make LinkedIn work for your small business this year

LinkedIn has long been known as the home of B2B discussion, and in 2020 the opportunities to engage and grow your business are expanding. Companies of almost any kind can benefit from maintaining [...]

Small business marketing ideas!

As a small business that is very interested in small business marketing, we spend a lot of time each week reading tips and advice from across the World Wide Web. So, we thought we’d launch [...]

How to grow your LinkedIn network in just 5 minutes a day

As a small business are you maximising your presence on LinkedIn? Our favourite B2B platform has now got more than 630 million members – 21% of the entire global workforce –  yet, despite its [...]

Taking advantage of the benefits of Twitter for small business

Let’s be honest, Twitter is an interesting world! We follow our favourite celebrities or footballers and we’ve winced at some of the stuff they’ve shared. A scandal hits and one of the first [...]

3 Quick Tips for Using Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is increasingly being used by businesses to increase brand awareness. This makes sense, as Snapchat now has more users than Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. It’s a powerful way to reach [...]

Three Vital Tips to Boost Your Business Through Social Media

It has become clear that the social media bandwagon is not a temporary fad. It’s a trend that is here to stay, and one that businesses can utilise to their advantage. Social media delivers [...]

Key Tips to Successful Social Media Management

Key Tips to Successful Social Media Management (Infographic) So, you’ve established how social media can benefit your company. You must now set out a plan to effectively manage your [...]

3 Reasons Why Any Company Should Be Using Social Media

The phrase ‘’social media’’ is mentioned frivolously when discussing marketing and online activity. Sometimes without the proper knowledge of what it fully involves. Many companies, especially [...]

10 tips for a small business just getting started

We loved this article from and we think you will too! Whether you’re an early-stage startup or a small business that’s new to the social media game, there’s one thing you should [...]

6 tips on social media marketing for small businesses

Check out these great social media tips from the team at Hootsuite. Small businesses can get so much from SM. It’s a great way to develop engagement, generate leads, increase sales, improve [...]

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