How will Facebook help you get the best creative for your ad with Creative Hub?

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Facebook Ad visuals: Cycle of pain or creativity? It depends on what type of person you are. If you enjoy being creative and expressing yourself, then you’ll love developing the visuals.

If you are not naturally a person who wants to spend hours compiling nice imagery and catchy wording, not so much. Like it or not, the new age of marketing requires out of the box visuals that capture your target audience’s attention. If you are a small business owner can you really handle everything and spend time on creating Facebook ads? Didn’t think so. It’s hard. That’s why Facebook introduced Creative Hub to the world.

Creative Hub is designed for businesses to be able to share their best ad mock ups and learn from each other. It’s easier to get inspired if you have access to other creative solutions from businesses in the same industry.

Creative Hub is for:

  1. Creative agencies
  2. Internal creative teams of brands
  3. Creative teams at media agencies

The best thing is anyone with a Facebook account can create mock ups and use Creative Hub.

You can use it for personal projects, but the true value of Creative Hub can really be seen at work. So, the first thing you need to do is set up a Creative Hub account for the agency or business you are working for before you start your design.

You do this by becoming an admin on their Business Manager Account. The person who created the business account has to add you in the page roles area as an admin. That’s easy to do. You can check further instructions by clicking here.   This is a very important step, you must do this right in order for the Deliver AD button to appear later.

What does Creative Hub offer?

Creative Hub offers different ad formats that you can use for creating your ads. When you enter Creative Hub, click on the top right green button that says ‘create mock up’ and choose one of the available options for Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can choose various creative solutions such as:

  1. Interactive: Carousel and Canvas ad formats
  2. Video: 360 videos, slideshow ads, video and video link format ads
  3. Image: Single image and single image link format ads
  4. Instagram: Image, video, carousel and stories format ads

The best part is that Creative Hub provides inspiring examples for every type of creative solution they offer. Go to the get inspired area and find a solution that suits your product, service or company page.

After you find your perfect creative solution and decide what is best for you, it’s time to create your perfect mock up.

Every mock up solution has specifications that you must follow in order for your ad to get approved by Facebook.

After saving your mock up you can preview it, get a shareable link, duplicate it or move it to power editor and deliver it as an ad.  As I previously said, you need to have the right permissions in order to see the Deliver AD button and transfer your ad into the Power Editor. Remember that!

Creative Hub can save you a lot of time if you are a busy entrepreneur or growing start up. We can also help.  We have the experience and the expertise, so if you ever feel overwhelmed with anything or all things social, simply contact us here:

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